Monday, January 16, 2012

Food, Friends, Forgiveness

2012 has been very eye opening for me.   
I can feel myself change and recognize sabotaging behaviors and negative thinking.   
2012 is the new black!!!

You do not get an invitation to YOUR life. - I stole this line from the television show—Parenthood.
For me, living the life I want to live has always been a secondary thought.  Words come out of my mouth that sounds a little like: Tomorrow, if only I had X, nothing works out for me, why me?, I want to be balanced, I want to be happy,etc. Well, I am the ONLY one that can change anything in my life. A simple example is my bathroom. The bathroom as is does not make it easy to perform my morning routine (more about this below). Well, I am the only one that lives there. CHANGE IT!!!(I’m sorry sometimes I have to yell @ myself out of pure frustration)  

You cannot hold others accountable for your results—I was talking with my friend and we both end up at the same understanding. Maybe this week will be different.
My sister and I go to the same gym. If I let her know I am going to the gym and then ask if she is interested in going and she says NO then I reconsider going myself.  I really do want to go but somehow she saying NO translates into I don’t want to go either. I want to stay true to myself.

This week four memorable things happened:

1.       I was unable to make it to brunch with a friend.  It seemed like she was too busy but maybe I seemed like I was too busy. I wasn’t and maybe she wasn’t but we didn’t see each other. I miss her!    
Silver Lining: stay true to your word.  

2.       Work got me to a stress point where I found myself over stressing about something that I have no control over.  I felt like not only did I feel overwhelmed and stressed but I also brought in two people and at the end of the day nothing improved, nothing changed, and we were at a standstill.   
Silver Lining: You stress other people out and that is NOT productive.  

3.       I realized that my student workers work so hard and that I allow my own need for perfection to question their competence.   
Silver Lining: Value your employees because they do not have to work as hard as they do. 
4.       I went to a cooking demonstration at Native Foods that was organized by my friend Eva.  It was so much fun and tasty! It was super early (Does anyone else think 930 is too early?). 
It was exciting, new and refreshing. The helpers were too cute!! 
Yolanda, Eva, and I then strolled over to Mojo's Spa to get an impromptu makeover and make up tips.   
Silver Lining: Love is around if you want to see it.

An update on my resolutions for January:
1.       Create a morning routine- After talking with friends, I discovered that I do not have a morning nor a night routine. Yikes! I also do not have a solid plan of what I hope to achieve by either.  A work in progress. Luckily, I have all month.
2.       Finish updating my resume-No update!
3.       Order internet/cable-No update!
4.       Take better care of my health- I am so proud of myself that I FINALLY made an appt. with my doctor. She always makes me feel better and that everything is manageable if broken down in to doses.  I had some blood work done but I am hoping for the best.     
5.       Update my blog once a week

Here is to a great week and second chances. Cheers!

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