Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Getting to know YOU by MannLand5:

1. Do you watch/read the news?

Yes, I do follow the “news” but not the “news” I need to. My news sources are: Perezhilton.com, TMZ, CNN and Google entertainment tabs only. I am addicted to these sites. My phone has been out of commission for a while and I miss being able to look at meaningless “news” on my commutes.

2. How would you describe your “look”?

The look… I want or the look I usually sport? The look I want is a polished professional with an office job. You know suiting, heels, and a power handbag to finish the look. The look I usually sport is a rushed mismatched and tight combo. Hobo sheik emphasis on the hobo part. I am a work in progress especially because now I have a clothing budget. I will seek out some much needed help from my fashion educated cousin, Gabby. Prima- I need some help!

3. Did you play sports in high school or college?
That would be a negative.

4. Would you rather give up lipstick/gloss or high heels?

High heels since flats are my best friends for a long day. Momma needs her chapstick.

5. What’s your favorite show to watch on tv?

I love tv. I love tv. Honestly, I rarely watch tv on the actual television set but instead online. I can’t find enough to watch sometime. I am a “reality show” junkie. Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Top Chef, Real Housewives franchise(especially O.C., Atlanta, Beverly Hills), 16th and pregnant, behind the scenes of Oprah and Chelsea Lately. I think I could go on and on but that would not bode well for me. 

6. Would you rather bake or cook? 

Bake! If only I had more time to make delish delicacies. I think I am also growing impatient for such things.
7. Shorts or skirts?

Skirts except that I recently got a scar on one of my legs and not sure what to do with the hot season right around the corner. Well, the hot season may be around two or three corners in this place. Chicago get it together already!

8. What’s your favorite scary movie?

I don’t like scary movies. They scare me. Oh wait! I have to say that my favorite scary movie is The Village directed by M. Night Shyamalan. My sister will hate me for this answer but it is her fault. I begged her for us not to go see this movie because I am scared of scary movies but would she listen? No. After the movie, she hated it and I LOVED it! It was a pleasant surprise.

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