Monday, April 11, 2011

Ode to the World of Words

So, guess what?  April is National Poetry Month! I didn't know this either, but I am always up for a celebration. Cheers to you National Poetry Month!  Okay, so the below "poems" may technically not be considered poetry, but this is what I have to give right now.  Sometimes, right now is all you have. Enjoy!

I see you look at her and I wonder
You look my way and I ponder
Who am I to you?
And who are you to me?
You are “perfect”
And I ….I am…
a wreck
I get closer and you get further
You get closer and I get further
Are you punishing me or am I punishing you
Don’t talk to me about LOVE!
What do you know?
What do I know??
I know that Love is not this hard, Love can’t be this hard, Love shouldn’t be this hard…
Love is not pain most of the time
Love is not pain some of the time
Love is not pain any of the time
I ache to break free from, but how do you break free from He?
He who is your morning coffee, your afternoon snack, and your midnight kiss.
His kiss is so tender, yet it turns quickly into roughness that I have never experienced. 
His rage and pent up anger from issues that He cannot deal with hurts me more than He wants to admit.
I look at you and you look at me and I feel useless in your eyes and I wait to hear “I am sorry” but that sorry never comes and I am here connected to you in a dysfunctional way that I am left to wonder...
Who am I to you?
And who are you to me?
You are my Cross
And I yours


The men in blue…
They do it right, they keep it tight!
“Stop or I will shoot” they sometimes say
They can even incarcerate
Coffee, donuts, donuts, coffee
For the men in blue I am a softy

Proyecto Latina will also be having an event to commemorate the month. Come out and support.  Hope to see you there.  I can't wait!

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  1. Idalia! Great job letting out the poet in you! Are you going to read these in Proyecto's open mic? I hope so!