Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Running World

With all the buzz about the Chicago Marathon happening this weekend it reminded me of my own running endeavors that I embarked on this summer.   I had such a great time being part of Team in Training and fundraising for them. 
A public THANK YOU to my fundraising manager:

Eva- with you at the helm I was sure that I could reach my total in a creative and fun way.  Gracias Amiga.
Also, to everyone that helped me obtain my goal by supporting me either through selling stuff, buying stuff or just offering an encouraging word.  I truly appreciated all you help and support.

Check out my acquired jewelry this summer.

Here is a link to a photo slideshow with some Seattle pics:

I could never have done this without Team in Training and their fabulous coaches.  I could never have done this without Team in Training and their fabulous coaches. Yes, that means you-- Andy, Lisa and Rob. You were my strength while I acquired my own and for that I am thankful and grateful.

If anyone is participating this weekend, check me out at the Team in Training table at the Health and Fitness Expo on Saturday or I will be waiting for you at mile 14 on Sunday.  A special go get 'em to Yolanda and Sam.  I can't wait to cheer you on (fellow runners)!!

Good luck to all competing this Sunday!

GO TEAM!!!!!

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  1. Wow! A shout out on the world wide web!!!! Thanks for allowing me to part of it! I enjoyed it soooo much and look forward to more challenges! Hugs!!!