Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My sanctuary!

So here we are on day 2 and man is it cold outside (shiver me timbers!). I wanted to let you in a little into one of the most obvious changes in my life that happened this summer…I moved!!! Plus, I lost one roommate in the move but acquired two more. First let me begin by acknowledging my two buddies/roomies who found this grand appartement( apartment in French), Diana and Liz(cheeze!).

I was very hesitant to move and not so much because I loved our other apartment but because change is difficult and even though I did not have the greatest of memories in the old place. Did it benefit me staying there? Was it the best apartment in the world? Did I love my neighbors, neighborhood or landlord? NO! So, why not move?
Because I was scared: what if the apartment doesn’t work out? what if I do not get along with others? I would be further from my parents’ house but there was such a struggle in my head regarding this issue but thanks to Liz and Diana, who were really psyched about this apartment, I agreed. The change has done wonders for me and my soul. Below you will find a few pics of our high rise apartment overseeing the magnificent Chicago Avenue. We are surrounded by so many fine dining options around us but nothing beats the taste of good old home cooking (plus it is cheaper and we are in a recession/budget)!

Look at all that space!!!

Well I also want to let you into the unfinished world of my room. As I had mentioned before, it is Mexico themed and inspired. I am having a hard time finding linens but have found these few touches to compliment the space. I bought the two dolls(on top of the side table) at the local gara (flea market) for only two dollars (originally they were $3 but I bargained- well I may have just gave him a stern look but the point is that I got them both for $2) This cantaro was donated by Eva’s mom when they went to Morelia, Michocana but Eva swears that it was purchased in Janitzio. I was so touched by their generosity and also that it is from my home state (Viva Chupicuaro, Michocana!)

The furniture I found at Ikea-who doesn’t love Ikea? Three floors of shopping and a restaurant-yums!

I really like the curtains I have but I am also looking for a sheeresque fabric to go in the middle (sorda like we had at Fillmore)

So I have just shown you a bit of my world. I hope you have enjoyed Day 2 of my blog and sanctuary away from




  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A new apartment, a new blog, AND a new hairdo!!! I'm sooooooooo impressed and proud of you!!!!!!

    I can't wait to follow your blog and learn about all of your progress!!

  2. I love the blog!!!!
    Your new place looks nice and i dig your IKEA findings for your room! (Let me guess, your "Dirty Dancing" poster WAS bought in Mexico...for 25 dollars!) Great Job!!!