Sunday, February 1, 2009

You are STILL in the running in becoming...

When you first walk in you can’t help but walk over the drawing materials that are scattered on the floor. There is no furniture in the room except for the bed, the bookcase and a multi-use ironing board. The ironing board is covered by all the books on CD’s checked out at the library and a CD player. There are no pictures or artwork on the walls but there is a framed poster of the movie Dirty Dancing and many posters and drawings stashed away throughout the room. There are a few books on the bookcase about cooking/entertaining and children literature. They must be a good cook and a great host. The bookcase is a central spot for this room because it holds so many different things besides books. The jewelry is also stored there and is separated by three different containers all holding their designated pieces of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. There are five pictures in the room on display. There is an interesting box of markers, crayons and colored pencils which are the most colorful items in the room. There is a varied music collection under the lofted bed along with a box of junk and purses in storage bins. By the number of handbags and clutches in the collection I can only assume that the person must like to go out and has one for every occasion. Right next to the bed there is a make up storage. It is also sorted out by blushes, eye makeup and lipsticks. It looks like the person went to great lengths to organize the room and compartmentalize everything.

When you step into the closet there are more plastic storage bins. Everything is stored or at least has a place for it to be stored- shoes, summer clothes, socks u name it and it has a storage box to hold it. Now when we take a closer look at the clothes you notice that they are separated by long sleeves, sweaters, coats/heavy jackets and work clothes. The clothes are pretty conservative and are functional pieces. Hidden in the closet on the top shelf toward the back are four pieces of colorful framed art work in the closet.


Yes!! This assignment has been eye opening. I never thought of style as Sher describes in her book: “Style is the biggest field of free play and free choice left to you. Your deepest resources- your talent, your imagination, your identity- cannot be completely suppressed. They must declare themselves.” She continues to state, “Your style is the place where you still exercise the creative power to shape your world and design yourself.” I in no way made the connection between you and your clothes that you wear or the way your room is set up as a true reflection of you. Or that style is where you can freely express yourself to the world without a filter. I want to regain ownership of that. My room, my closet, my pantry, my office all states the same thing-temporary and don't want to settle down, disposable furniture is more affordable and can be transported easily. Throughout this exercise I saw that the clothes that hang in my closet are not my clothes. I don't have a particular style and I am not happy with that. My clothes are all conventional, comfortable and safe with a black to brown color pallet.

I know what style I want at work, in my office space, at play, to sleep but I don't have it because I do not put myself first and make it happen. I love color and like to get all dressed up but you will not find vivid colors or fancy pieces in my wardrobe. When I shop I buy whatever is on sale (and hope I have something that matches it) and let that dictate my style.

This exercise has helped me to regain consciousness regarding style but more importantly about myself and the different things I want for myself. No, I do not want to look like Kate Moss but I think that this picture really presents the style I want(simple yet refined). Also, it has helped me identify so many things that are hidden in my life that should not be.

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