Sunday, February 1, 2009


I really enjoyed the movie Chocolat. I was right along with the student who stared, what if we already saw it? Plus, I am not a fan of seeing the same movie over and over again (except for D.D.) but I was opened and wanted to receive whatever it was going to say to me.

Below are some of my thoughts:

Strength-I enjoyed seeing how strong the protagonist was both in strength and in character. How she can stay so strong and not necessarily care what others think of her. But also by her strength she allows others to reexamine their life and demand more of themselves (unintentional). My favorite character development was of Josephine Muscat-talk about strength.

Pleasure-this particular aspect of the movie came up a number of times and in different wrappings. First and the most obvious was that from chocolate itself. The way arouses the sensuous and the manner in which it is devoured by the shoppers. Also, giving brings much pleasure to both the receiver and the giver. Who doesn’t love to receive a gift (especially if it is a surprise)? I want to bring much pleasure to others but I too would like to have more pleasures for myself.

I really encourage everyone to watch this film if for nothing else to be mesmerized by all the different versions of chocolate that come on the screen and bring out ones need to feed a certain appetite.

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