Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Yellow!

I was doing my reading at Argo Tea on Friday night when our next assignment asked that we pick a color and speak from their perspective. Any color? I knew what my color I wanted. I panicked and thought-I don't have my array of colors here with me but I wanted to do the assignment so I talked myself down and just looked around. Honestly, the place is not the most colorful but it has accents and that is what I focused on. I was surveying the room when my color radar started ringing loudly and there it was the most vivid color in the place(well I thought so). I found it on top of a honey bear bottle. I am yellow. I am bright and cheery. I am welcomed by some and shunned by others. I come after the rain. I can be a bit overwhelming and suffocating. I highlight important details. I am always happy. I am a needed color.

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