Sunday, February 1, 2009

Location, Location, Location (In what imaginary environment would your best self emerge?)

I would like to live in a city that I have no family in preferable warm weather. I would like to own my own home but live with my boyfriend in a spacious but petite home so that no matter where I stand I can be surrounded by love. It would also have a big back yard with a garden and a swing preferably hanging from a big oak tree. It would also include a guest house for friends and family that may come over to visit with plenty of notice. The guest house would be decorated by me in a calming yet bright color along with the rest of the house. I would I need an environment that is quiet but welcoming. I would have a dog names snoopy and he would only bark when he sensed danger. I would own a car that I would use for long distances otherwise I would use my bike with a basket for snoopy. During the summer, I would tend to my live in summer camp for your Latina girls whose ages would range from 8-15 focusing on self esteem. At my camp, I would surround myself with the best undiscovered artists plus psychologist, sociologist, Chicana activist, and all would push me to make this camp a real success. I want people that understand my mission and believe it through and through. This would not be for my benefit but more for the girls to flourish though out their lives. It would include all of my loves including: sports (even though I am not good at most but still there is a sense of empowerment when you are on a sports team), art and learning.
In this environment I would develop my knowledge of currents trends and problems affecting young Latina in the country, I would be independent, strong, determined, self sufficient, trusting, knowledgeable, respected, loving, spontaneous, outgoing, outspoken, passionate, fulfilled and adventurous.
In this exercise, I learned that so much of your environment as an adult is what you make of it. You have the power to change things but the first step is to identify what needs changing and what is not working. I also learned that I need to stop being so scared and go after what makes me happy because I have a right to it as Sher puts it in her book.

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