Sunday, February 1, 2009

La Familia

For this exercise the four people I chose to be in my ideal family are:
Cesar Chavez(Civil rights activists-Chicano) I chose him because he physically reminds me of someone that could be related to me. I am so proud to be a Chicana when anyone mentions him or I see a picture of him. He would understand my struggles of surviving in two cultures. More importantly he would completely understand the value of education
What He sees when I walk in:
Idalia is courteous, soft spoken, knowledgeable, hardworking, committed. I am so proud of Idalia. She carries herself very well. She can organize people and she is very passionate about her causes. I know that she will succeed because she has a plan and is very dedicated. She is patient, kind and gentle in her interactions. She reminds me of me when I was young.

Beverly Cleary (Children's book author) I chose her because of two reasons. Because she is a writer and more importantly she creates art. I loved reading her Ramona Quimby books and all the ups and downs of the Quimby family. I wanted to be part of the Quimby clan and I completely identified with some of the feelings that Ramona expresses through her childhood. It made me feel as if I was normal and that things would be okay.

What She sees when I walk in:

I see such creativity in Idalia. She has a story to tell and is eager to share it for the betterment of others. She is trying to figure out who she is by exploration and trial and error. She asks a lot of questions. She is very pensive. She is inspirational and very talkative. She reminds me of me.


Jock Soto (ballet dancer) I chose him because of a documentary I saw on PBS about his life(Water Flowing Together) and his life struggles as he comes to terms with having to retire from his passion(dancing). I was so moved by his vulnerability, his commitment, the love he has for his art, his perseverance and the sacrifices he had to make to reach his goal.

What He sees when I walk in:

I see passion in her eyes. She is elegant as she moves and creates an environment of happiness and ease to be around her. I see her drive and all the time she puts reaching her goal. I see her wanting to learn and pushing herself to be better. I am so proud of the way has overcome adversary in her life. She is so inventive. When she dance her whole face lights up.

Juan Mann (free hugs guy) I picked him because of the movement he started of holding a simple sign giving away free hugs. Sometimes all you need is a hug.

What He sees when I walk in:

I am glad Idalia is here. Idalia is a person that shows love towards others. She is such a nurturing soul. Idalia brings much passion to her presence. She is inventive and creates a feeling of wanting to get more out of life.


Yes, at first I thought this activity was going to be difficult but at the end it all flowed right out. I was surprised by the people I came up with because they too came to my head pretty naturally. By looking at their example and seeing how they lived and live their lives it is a testament that if you follow your passion you will have the power to influence others without intending to.

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