Sunday, February 1, 2009

El Dia de perfection

I wake up without an alarm at 7AM then I stroll downstairs before anyone is up to drink the energy drink that has been made for me with blueberries and a granola bar that is delicious before heading out for a 30 minute run. I return to have breakfast and to play with Snoopy for a bit before I must get ready. I look in my walk in closet and pick out a beautiful summer dress and a bright sweater that pulls out the smallest color detail in the dress. I pick a pretty shoe with a wedge heel and jewelry. I take a nice shower in my beautiful and spacious bathroom. I sit in my vanity where I apply a light touch of makeup and head out. On my ten minute drive to "the office" I listen to music that I love because no one else can change it and no one will be judging my taste.

I arrive at the headquarters of my organization (Camps for Latina Girls) and I am greeted by my fantastic assistant who loves what she does and also believes in the mission of our work. I go to my office and my assistant reads out all the emails I have received and I dictate to her responses and directions on how to proceed with the rest.

By this time it is 10 AM and it is time to meet with counselors to address issues that have come up with some of the girls. Our meetings take place in a conference room with big glass windows and I am at the head of the table. We talk about how we can address these issues and how to prevent in the future (if possible). I then head out to teach a craft class to all the girls involving weaving. I love how out of paper you can create such beautiful weaving and they are such a part of our own culture.

By this time it is lunch time. The girls will put on dance numbers that they have learned. We eat and watch the performances which are so creative and intricate but still fun. I am so proud of all the hard work they put into the dances that I just want to hug all the girls for all the dedication. And I do. I is two o’clock and I get to go home early because it is the Director’s late day. I head home and Snoopy great me at the door. I eat a snack of watermelon slices that have been laid out on the kitchen counter. I sit in the backyard listening to sounds of the outside while getting a little color on my legs and also reading the newest book by Paulo Coelho. I go upstairs to lay down for a bit not sleep but lay in my comfortable bed with Snoopy alongside of me and we look though the latest magazine to see what is up with the world in fashion. I go for a swim and come back in to get ready for an eventful evening.

I take a nice long bath and pick out my two outfits I will need for tonight. I wear my classic black dress with my red open toe heels again my jewelry is understand but elegant. My deep black hair is pinned up but with voluptuous curls almost bursting the pins out. My boyfriend arrives at the house and tells me that I look beyond beautiful. He notices the pins in my hair and comments on the detail. A car picks us up for a night on the town. We go to a neighborhood Italian restaurant and enjoy a sit down meal with “a fork” and talk about our day. He can’t stop telling me all the things he loves about me. He continues to state that he is very happy with his decision to move across the country to be with me. The waiter comes around and asks- would you two like some dessert? and before I can think he answers We will have a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting because it is her favorite. It is my favorite :) I have a huge grin on my face.

After sharing the cupcake, we make it over to our destination- a spoken word celebration/ art gallery opening. There we meet up with some of our closest friends who will be performing and also have their work on display. He notices right away that I have a piece for display as well. We listen attentively as my friend from college recites her latest poetry. She is so happy up there in her space and that creates a sense of entitlement for my own life. I talk with friends and new acquaintances I have made. I am so happy talking, living and sharing. We say our goodbye’s and we are back in the car headed to our home.

Ten minutes into the drive he looks to me and says I have a surprise for you. Really? what is it? Another cupcake(I hope)?? He responds "No!" I am going to take you to a place where you will be so incredibly happy, do you want to go? Most people would normally just shout out a YES! Without hesitation but he knows me better than that. So I contemplate the question and answer -yes. We go to a rooftop where the moon just beams down and lights up a specific are on that rooftop. I look around and wonder, where is the happiness you promised? At that moment, he asks me to dance! A faint music comes on and we start slow dancing but then I notice that the sound is a bit too good. I look over and it is New Kids on The Block serenading meJ. No one really knows what this group has meant and means to me but maybe he does. But even more important- I know what I mean to him. In different times, I may have pushed him aside to get to the band but tonight there is no where else I want to be but in his arms swaying to the music.

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