Monday, February 2, 2009


Pregunta #1 what elements of your ideal day are absolutely indispensable to your happiness?

Exercise, reading, human interaction, music (NKOTB), art, taking time for self grooming (feeling confident with clothes), eating healthy, comfy bed, someone to share my life with, friends, meeting new people, having a home, owning a car

Pregunta #2 what elements are optional but very desirable?

Teaching, My puppy snoopy, someone preparing my meals, running a girls summer camp, waking up with out alarm, spacious bathroom

Pregunta #3 what elements are frills?

Walk in closet, an assistant, leaving early, a driver, eating out, NKOTB serenading

Pregunta# 4 what happens when you walk through an adjusted fantasy day with only the indispensable elements in it? It is less fantasy and more normal. Maybe the word fantasy is what may make it new.

Pregunta #5 what if any of that day do you already have?
For the most part it is what I have right now. I currently exercise and I am learning to eat healthier. As part of my job, I have constant human interactions and there is plenty of music selections. I do read.

Pregunta #6 what elements of the adjusted ideal day are conspicuous absent from your life right now?
Including more art in my life, taking time for self in the morning, eating healthy, someone to share my life with, opportunities to meet new people

Pregunta #7 what problems or obstacles are presently stopping you from getting them?

Scheduling problems
Learning more about nutrition
Seeking out opportunities to see and create art
Self esteem issues
I am preventing myself from getting what I want


  1. Pregunta=exercise? I secretly want to learn Espanol. I too enjoy reading your blogs. I don't comment all the time...maybe I should.

  2. Wow, still learning about my sis. Very interesting...