Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to Basics

After class last Wednesday, I felt very excited and anxious about our next assignment. I decided to start sketching/drawing and incorporate pastels as well. I went to the art store to get my materials and it was really great to be in the presence of instruments that lead to such creativity. I picked out some basic pencils, colorful pastels, some sketch pads and newsprint to begin with.

I had all my materials laid out and got together some props from around the house to be my still life inspiration. I started sketching and enjoyed being able to it as if someone gave me the permission to draw again. It felt different than when I did it in art class at Morton College but some of the stuff came back. I'm going to look for my old drawing textbook and hopefully it will help jog my memory on technique but until then I will continue to sketch away. I didn't really spend that much time on it (about two hours or so) but during those two hours I felt really free and adventurous. I felt proud and satisfied with the steps I had taken to meet my goal of revisiting a past love.

After I was done I received a call from my sister letting me know that she was in a car accident. Her accident took place on the expressway involving a semi- truck (yikes!). I joked with her and asked if her crazy driving was the cause of the accident. She laughed and stated that the semi hit her and she didn't even know what happened until the car stopped (hitting two poles along the way). Luckily, she is doing well and no one was hurt but she was a little frazzled (her car is a different story).

Her call was just another reminder about how quickly life can be taken away and how important it is to live everyday to the fullest.


  1. I can definitely relate. I lost my mother 18 months ago. But six months before that I was thinking that she would always be here. Because of that, I have started to give people the "roses" while they can still smell them. And I gave her PLENTY of "roses" while she could sniff them and enjoy.

  2. By the way, this post is how I found out about my sister's accident. I requested that next time something like this happens to drop me an email or something, just to let me know. It would be appreciated. Geez!