Thursday, January 22, 2009

FRIENDS--What do you think are my greatest gifts/strenghts?


  1. (Post from Jackie)- Idalia has the ability to have fun and enjoy life even if she encounters tribulations. She is also diplomatic and strives to keep the ambiance peaceful.

  2. Idalia- you share all the qualities of a great friend: you're a great listener, fun to be around and most of all have an amazing level of integrity. Also, as your roommate, I find your dedication inspiring & I'm amazed at your perseverance, whether its adhering to your running schedule or limiting your tv watching to less than 3 hours a week (& No I'm not saying this to win you points in your class either :))! Overall, a great person to be around.

  3. Manage goals and tasks well
    Committed to goals and tasks
    Good listener
    Great companion in whatever situation may arise
    Always willing to give a helping hand

  4. Since I am the fourth one on comment might sound familiar, but on the other hand it gives it more credibility ;)

    Strength (something you have worked for)
    I as well think one of your streghts is that you are a very committed person. You go great lengths to accomplish your goals. Once you recognize a goal you set up a plan and stick to it no matter what hurdles are sent your way (computer issues, parties, etc).

    Gift (naturally comes to you)
    I think one of your greatest gifts is a caring heart. I think you genuinely care about the people around you and therefore being your friend is great!

    Bonus Round!
    You are also a great person to party/dance/lounge around with!