Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feliz Mommy Day!

It was mother’s day last Sunday and I had to work(surprise!) but I still managed to spend some time with my mom. We had an impromptu breakfast with Eggo waffles and some eggs prepared by my sister’s boyfriend.  It was all very tasty and made for a great morning.  My mom and I have not always been the closest of close but at this point in my life she is definitely an important and critical person in my life.  I look forward to talking to her and seeing her when I can escape to the far away suburb of Cicero, IL. 

Did you know that Cicero was the first suburb of Chicago? True statement! 

Anyway, back to dear old moms.  There are certain family dynamics that always seem to pit us against each other but now I try to avoid such things whenever possible.  In the past couple of years, my mom has lost her two sisters and her best-friend--her mom.  Losses that I cannot even fathom experiencing and do not want to for a long time.  My mom has become more nurturing, loving, and laughs even more now.
My mom and me
 I love to hear her laugh and enjoy her story telling of growing up parent-less in Chupicuarro, Michoacan.

 Thank you MOM...
                                         ...for letting me do my grocery shopping at your house:)
                                         ....for supporting my vegetarian lifestyle:)
                                         ....for letting me sleep in your bed when I am tired:)
                                         ...for hosting me when I know you too are tired:)
                                          ...for your GREAT cooking:)

                                          ...for letting me grow up!
                                                                                        Your daughter,

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