Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today was a good day...hands down!

I had such a great day today.  Hi-five! Has anyone else noticed that not too many people hi-five anymore? I’m going to bring it back! Watch out world or should I say hi-five world!  

Back to my great day:  my daily tasks at work were same old same old BUT then I left the office to work on our project for Enough is Enough week. Enough is Enough week is a response from NASPA (professional organization for student affairs professionals) to all the violence that has occurred in the last couple of years around the world but specifically in the classrooms on college campuses.  It is designed to encourage students, staff and faculty to NOT resort to violence during that week.  One important thing is to highlight the different types of violence: physical, verbal, emotional, against others and ourselves.  Violence can take many forms and now with all the social media available (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the anonymity that such platforms bring it makes it difficult to escape the violence sometimes.  Want to know more please check this out.    
Our office is asking people to make a pledge that they would not resort to violence for the week on a hand cut out. Then we post the hands all up.  In exchange for their pledge (hand) they get a "peace pop" (a blow-pop with a peace pledge attached). We had about 175 participants! I thought this was great since my students on Tuesday only got 15.  I came back to office and finished the day.   

After work, I called to see if Banana was going to take my on-call shift. They didn’t. Sweet! So I rushed over to Erie house for an indoor soccer game between B.U.I.L.D. and Association House.  I met my mentee, Vanessa, and her bestie, Jocelyn at Erie since they help set up and break down the equipment.  I enjoyed watching the game then I treated them out to Starbucks. BUILD won just incase you wanted to know. Next Thursday is teh championship and it is here where Erie Neighborhood House will face off with BUILD! I’m not sure if they will sleep tonight but that is their parent’s problem…hahaha…jk.  It was great talking to them outside of our normal setting. They are such great girls. We chatted about their upcoming 8th grade graduation, boys, friends, high school, headbands, parents, Justin Bieber, boys, favorite snacks and finally boys. 

And now it is me time! A great day and tomorrow is Friday!! Life is good.

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