Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just some ramblings...


I have this strange obsession of asking people what they had for lunch. When pressed on why I care? My standard response is I love food and want to live vicariously though you.  Honestly, it’s not like I am looking for this grand meal but I think the lunch selection is telling about a person.  Or maybe I use it as an ice breaker? Everyone has to eat, right? Who knows but I thought that was just something interesting about me. Just in case you were wondering this is what I had for lunch this week:

Monday: Veggie sandwich from Efebina’s-It was DELICIOUS, Tuesday: Wendy’s fish sandwich, it was just okay. Don’t let the ad fool you.  Wednesday: Tasty veggie sandwich that my graduate assistant brought me-How thoughtful, right? Thursday: Tuna sandwich that I made. I will see what Friday will bring but so far yummy!


I think I have a gift. I think I have the gift of hosting. I love doing it no matter what the venue or cause is. Tonight we had a special event at BANANA and I was the designated greater for the first hour which usually turns into the whole night. I don’t mind it again because honestly I do think that is my gift. Create a buzz and be excited for not only the new merchandise but also for the experience of the customer. I know how I like to be treated when I visit a store, someone's house or at a party and that is what I want to put on for my “guests.” Last week I needed to host a non violence table where we were asking people to sign a hand to hang up on a wall. I loved doing it and collected over 400 hands. I did not do it alone but the time just flew by.  Was it easy? No but nothing is easy in this life. Just thought I would share what I think is one of my gifts.


I really enjoy the movie Juno. I have it on DVD and listen to it and watch it on a daily basis. I think it is a pretty cute movie with a nice message. I can’t believe I didn’t see it in the theatre but again im not a huge moviegoer. Don’t get me wrong I love movies but at $12 a piece I can wait until it comes out on DVD (Redbox!). Enjoy the trailer!

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