Monday, April 4, 2011

The Cheese Chronicles

So I gave up cheese for lent and it has been quite a difficult and cheese-less road.

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I am also a vegetarian for those that may not know me, but I am considering going back to my meaty ways after my 2nd year anniversary (more to come on this topic). Many have asked why cheese? I really thought about it before I chose it. I wanted to choose something that would be difficult and would also give me a sense of accomplishment at the end. In addition to no cheese, I wanted to incorporate some new healthy things into my life. Can you believe that this has been harder that living without cheese? Well it has. I consider myself a cheese lover in all its different forms: block, melted, spreadable, in a stick (for easy carry), incorporated in other food or alone. Some of my favorite things to eat are: veggie sandwich @ jimmy johns, pizza (any kind), grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese(shout out to Kraft!,quesadillas, sopita with queso fresco. Most Mexican and Italian cuisines have some cheese in them and can eat all at the drop of a hat. Plus, my mom makes chilles rellenos that are just delish during Lent (but none for me). What have I learned so far? Hi my name Idalia Andrade and I am a cheeseaholic. Yep, I’m addicted to cheese!

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