Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lululemon Sunday

Some may remember from a previous blog entry that Lululemon sponsored the yoga on the rooftop at Whole foods. It was at this event that I found out Lululemon did yoga at the park every Wednesday. Immediately my ears raised up and honed it on what was being talked about. Yoga?! Free?! So I decided to Google them as any self respecting yogi who is short on money would do. I looked them up at: and found out that they have a FREE or COMPLIMENTARY class every Sunday at 10AM before the store opens. I have been to three classes already and love it! I really recommend it to anyone. If anyone wants to join me on Sunday let me know. They also have different activities so find a Lululemon around you and check them out.


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  1. Maybe one day I'll make it! This schedule of mine...but I really want to try it! My 1st experience was not the best lol