Friday, July 30, 2010

Yoga on the roof

On Wednesday Diana and I decided to go to a Yoga class on the roof of Whole Foods in Lincoln Park. I was a bit worried due to the possible chance of rain but everything was fine and no rain. Woohoo! I had not been to Whole Foods since they moved location but I remember Jess LC mentioning that she had gone to the new location on her blog a while ago. Well, pictures and words cannot describe enough how grand this store is because the store is GINORMOUS. It has everything a normal Whole Foods would have plus it has a bar, music section-live band, free wifi, and besides the great “salad bar” it also has different ethic and neighborhood foods typically found around the city. You really have to check it out on your own to get the full feel of it. If you cannot get there soon enough, I recommend you take a gander at the blog entry from jess LC and her wonderful pictures, here is the link:

Oh, right! Back to the yoga class-I have to keep focused otherwise I would end up talking about the free stuff they were also giving away around the store.  The class was GREAT! Lululemon on Hasted sponsored it and that they have these classes every Wednesday in the park. I’m going to have to keep going because I loved it! It had been sometime since I did anything to strenuous and this was a great way of getting back to the swing of things.
On the roof @ WF
...still on the roof @ WF
Plus, they had some good vendors, and we even ended up with a Pilates ball too. After the class, Diana and I dined together on a salad from the “salad bar”. Diana actually got a salad and I ended up sampling anything carb-o-licious from said salad bar. Were serenaded by the live band! Okay, maybe they weren’t serenading us and just playing in the background but a girl can dream, right? I would rate this night a perfect 10!

Thanks-Diana for contributing to a great night.

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