Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

My bday weekend just passed and boy am I glad. I was planning on going to Indiana Dunes on Saturday, July 24th-my actual bday! I rented a car and had been prepping for two weeks straight. Everything from blankets, cheese to coolers was accounted for.  My invites had gone out and people were receptive to traveling the hour plus to my bday destination. On my last trip to the apartment on Friday to get all my beach attire, I walked in to find this:

It was sooooo cute and thoughtful. Yes, you are seeing correctly that is a cupcake stand FULL of cupcakes!!! I did not expect this at all! I almost cried I was so moved. If this was not thoughtful enough then I walked to the fridge:
a fridge full of cupcake stickers...
then headed to my room and

I kept finding small things that were left for me all over!
A cupcake luggage tag, a birthday headband, a cupcake candle, and presents! What else could anyone ask for?  All of it was so special and I was so surprised.  I went to my parents' house and shared these pics and most of the cupcakes with my family.  I could not talk enough about how nice a gesture this was.
And who was responsible for this grand gesture??????
The BEST two roommates in the world!!!

(Liz  and Diana-pictured below at a networking event)
The GREATEST roommates a girl can ask for!  They were all set to join me on my day of fun in the sun but I had to send out a text at 6am that morning stating that it was postponed due to the rain.  Who knew a severe thunderstorm would come in like that?  The rain did not stop until midday and then semi-cleared up. I wasn’t too upset that I could not hit the beach but was disappointed that I could not celebrate my bday as I had perfectly planned. It definitely was a test of patience and making the best out of what life deals you. I'm not sure I passed with flying colors. Anywhoo, midday we checked to see if the local pool was open but it was not due to mechanical and water sanitation problems. My cousins, sister and I decided to look for some garage sales and went to the local mall to get some snacks. I had to do something with my rented car.  In the evening my family instead made a small bbq with all the food that was purchased. It was a nice time because my aunt Maribel and uncle Julian from down the street came(they are like our second set of parents). Thanks to all that wanted to live it up in Indiana!
Update: My two roommates now want to take me out to eat and a movie. This birthday just keeps getting better thanks to some great friends.:)


  1. I'm glad you were so surprised and moved! They were working hard at doing that JUST for you. You are a wonderful girl, glad you have wonderful people like the girls in your life :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the rain, but your roommates are so thoughtful for decorating.