Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

2010 is here! Let me begin by thanking all my loyal readers and apologizing for my absence in the cyberworld for quite sometime. With this New Year upon us it is important that we all reflect on what was, what could be and what will be. For me, it is easy to think about all that was:

Moved into a great new apartment

Work B.F.F.

Have great roommates

Survived an intense fund-raising campaign

Viewing parties

Went to a movie premier

Sat on a jury

Started blogging

Purchased a laptop

Ran 2 half marathons

I was part of a dance team

Went to Springfield and met the Governor

Started going to church

Xmas miracle!!!

I started being a mentor

Went on a (gospel)cruise

Barack Obama

Spin class

Was able to effectively communicate to a friend my friendship concerns and we are such better friends for it

Finished Secrets of a Former Fat Girl

Saw House on Mango Street on Stage

Took the life-changing class with Professor Rockquemore

and much more...

It would be unconscionable for me to list of all the things that happened to me and not mention that I lost my aunt Irene in 2009 and that was an experience I do not want to live again any time soon. Her loss has really made me analyze my time spent and how important family is(no matter how annoying they may be sometimes). I never thought my aunt would never not be here for a milestone in my life. She was at my bday parties, graduations, religious sacraments, you name it and she was there always supporting my siblings and I. I miss her terrible but I am comforted by knowing that she has left a part of herself in all of her children and I can call on them as they too can call on me if they need anything. One thing that my aunt loved to do is laugh. She loved a good joke or a chisme and that is exactly how I remember her laughing and enjoying herself with her family. I miss her dearly but know that she is in a better place.

This little exercise has brought me to--What could be and what will be. I really want 2010 to be my year of bliss and making memories.  Below I have listed 80 things of a list of 100 that I want to do this year. I will be adding the last 20 in a future blog to be accomplished on my travels to Italy and France later this year. Wish me luck!

Be a better friend 

Be more truthful
Be more spontaneous

 Blog more(bi-weekly)
 Finish wall project
 Go to a carnival (popcorn/balloons/ferris wheel)
 Go to a parade
 Go to Disney World
Go to Lincoln Park zoo
 Go to Nashville for a weekend
 Learn how to swim
 Learn not to say yes when I really mean no
 Make a presentation about self and betterment
 Meet Ozzie Guillen for reals this time!
 Run a full marathon
 See my nephews on two occasions
 Swing from a trapeze
 Take a neighborhood tour of the City of Chicago
 Take a surf lesson
 Take a technology break for 7 days
 Take my mentees on a day trip
Take more risks

 Try hot yoga
 Wear a fancy dress for a whole day
 Write someone a letter
  Get a new haircut
Accept myself for who I am
Ask more questions
Attend the air and water show
Babysit a baby
Check out the Chicago Botanical Gardens
Cook more at home
Create a positive box
Date more
Do 10 pushups in a row (not the girl kind)
Document this year more
Eat at XOCO (a restaurant by Rick Bayless in Chicago)
Find an exciting party time job
Finish my typing lessons
Get my playlist together for my runs

Get my Polaroid back- I love taking Polaroid pictures!
Get the ink
Go camping (no RV)
Go see a ballet
Go to a country bar/club
Go to a farmer’s market aka gara
Go to a fashion show
Go to a movie in the park
Go to brunch 4 times this year with friends
Go to one session of summer dance
Have a Bunelo and atole
Have a pizza tasting competition w myself
Have a Sex and the City viewing marathon weekend (hopefully before the new movie comes out)! Season 1-6
Have dinner with my dad
Have lunch with my cousin Graciela

Have picnic at Millennium Park
Hit the beach!
Learn several phrases in French and Italian (does this count as two?)
Learn to do a proper push up
Live a sober 2010
Live my passion!
Lose that frenemie
Love more
Make it to 6:15AM spin class on Wednesdays
Make the button skirt I have always wanted
Meet a new friend
Pay ALL my bills on time

Pick up a hobby again
Plant some tulips (yellow)
Read 6 new books
Show my parents my appreciation for them more often
Spend New Year’s Eve somewhere different than Chicago for 2011
Take a boxing class
Take a picture of all my cousins
Take a picture of myself on a beach
Take a road trip

Take an architectural tour of the City via boat
Take the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum tour

Take up yoga
Volunteer more
Watch the sunrise
Watch a sunset

Happy 2010!!!!


  1. Wow! I'm so inspired by this post!!

  2. Wow!!! This is great! You have inspired me to make my own list!!! Can I sign up for a couple of activities to do w/u?!