Monday, January 11, 2010

Family, Friends and Food

It's that time again....
School has started and today is the first day at UIC.  I'm just waiting for them to barrel through my door.  Woohoo-Go flames!

Okay, so this weekend was so much fun and a mix of everything but let me be more specific and categorize.

(Family time) On Saturday my family hosted a small mass for all our loved ones that have passed and a special blessing for my sister on her travels and my cousin Rocio (previously mentioned on my blog) for a speedy recovery.  The food was so good and seeing family is always nice (small doses).

(Social) Saturday night a couple of the girls and I went out to Lincoln Karaoke and had the BEST time.
I highly recommend this activity for a small group of friends.  They put you in a room with a catalog of songs, a microphone, a tamborine and  you are off.  We just sang our hearts out to any and all songs that came on the screen.  Some of my personal favorites were:
You are my sunshine
Honey by Mariah Carey
Step By Step by NKOTB
Air Force Ones by Nelly
Creep by Radiohead
other songs we sang were by Greenday, U2,John Legend, Kanye, Britney, Lady Gaga, Jay Z.  You name it and we probably sang it.  I was excited to go out on Saturday night but did not think I would have that much fun.  We got there about 11 and left at 3:30AM- no joke! Time just flew by and I think we are all officially addicted to this place.

Needless to say that Sunday morning was not my best time to shine but I had to squeeze in time for church since we were going to take Vanessa (my roommate) out for birthday brunch at 1:00pm (thanks Diana for organizing it!). After church I headed on over to Trader Joes to pick up a few items for the week lost track of time in all the goodness that I almost missed brunch.

Now to the moment you were all waiting for...a foodie review of our brunch venue...TOAST on Damen and Dickens.  Im not going to lie but the wait was pretty long( about 45 minutes).  the company really made it go by even faster.  I was going to order a tomato and spinach omelet but one of my things for 2010 is to be more adventurous so I quickly changed my order to the Veggie Eggs Benedict (English muffin layered w/ sautéed spinach and lightly grilled artichoke hearts topped w/ 2 poached eggs; drizzled w/ a truffle hollandaise sauce served w/ house potatoes). A great choice-good one Idalia!

This choice was so tasty and so pretty.  Unfortunately, I did not take a pic but go and try it for yourself. 

I ended the weekend by talking with my sister as she was packing for her trip to Italy.  She is on her way to Italy as I am typing this up and about to begin her study abroad semester in Florence. I am so jealous but I am looking forward to joining her up on April 28th. Have fun Yesenia and rememeber no drinking and no academic dishonesty.


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