Monday, April 20, 2009

Empowerment vs. Disempowerment

After I saw the video by Elizabeth Gilbert, I was intrigued to find more motivational/educational speakers and find my own discovery. Well I did. I started searching through the TED website ( and discovered the following video. Let me warn you that this video is a bit on the colorful side but very empowering and get s you all charged up. I had heard the name of Tony Robbins in the past but really did not know what he was about. I enjoyed his talking style and how comfortable he seems to be talking to a group of people. I also understand that he has been doing this for 20 years plus. I found his video to be able to move me into the direction of analyzing what I was doing? How I was doing it? and why? This video has just been a tool that has appeared in my life in the last couple of weeks telling me that I am following my passion. Now the next step is to allow myself to follow and stop trying to control everything. Enjoy!

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