Monday, April 20, 2009

Business Meeting

The 5 minute check-in:

What I did—

I did interview a young girl in elementary school and honest look at budget, sign up to get more information on Boys and Girls Club.

What I didn’t do—

Share my steps with someone else besides my BUDDY, Finish reading Do You!, email elementary schools,

20 minute problems/Solutions:

The problem I experienced constantly last week was time. I had too much to do and not enough time to do any of it. My family was gathering to observe a prayer service from 7-9pm everyday for the last nine days (Novena) at our house. This not only kept me physically busy with set up and other tidbits but emotionally drained most of the week and concluded on Saturday night.

I am a BIG fan of KYT but do not do it. Reading helps but sometimes you just want to escape. I have decided that for the next couple of weeks while school is still in session IF I choose to watch TV. I will only see educational programming. Realistically, I do not have time to watch TV and need to get to bigger and better things. I will exercise my mind as opposed to numbing it.



Monday: Develop 10 questions/points to bring up during my conversations with elementary girls
Tuesday: Obtain contact email addresses for the following schools: Roosevelt, Drexel, Columbus, Unity
Wednesday: Read 3 more chapters in Do You!
Thursday: Email another person my steps for the week
Friday: Set up an interview with Rebbecca
Saturday: Open up savings account

My meeting was productive. I went a bit long on the hard times but it was a good meeting none the less. My BUDDY is still my sister and she actually participated more this meeting. She provided some helpful advice and is supportive with my goal and the steps I have outlined to reach it. She also outlined her steps to be able to reach her goal of getting her paperwork (immunization, financial aid, etc.) in order to start classes in the fall.

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