Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye January! Oh, hi there February!

February is here…. Woohoo!!!
So let’s get started—
Here were my resolutions/inspirations for January:     

Order Internet/cable
 I asked friends what speed they recommended and did some research.  I have a number but have not called.I did get the feature on my phone where I can tether from the phone to my computer(small steps).  I do not see this as a failure instead as a challenge for next month (February).

Update my blog once a week-
This resolution was very easy for me. I love that at the end of the year I can look back and review everything that I did.   

Finish updating my resume
This project started its evolution since last year but it is updated and ready to go! I have also come to realize that the resume will change a bit depending on the different jobs I may one day seek.  My friend Liz H. has been very helpful with all her feedback and guidance.

Take better care of my health (keep doing it!)
I was very aggressive on this resolution this month. I have worried so much about not feeling well for years but my doctor was very understanding and compassionate. She ran tests that I thought I need plus anything she felt might be necessary. I feel empowered by the follow up work she suggested and prescribed. I will be better to seek out medical attention especially as we get older.   

Create a morning routine (a work in progress)
This resolution has been the hardest of all. In conversations with friends and some online research, I discovered that a great morning routine has to be paired up with a night routine.  You cannot have one without the other.  So what does that look like for me?

**Night time**
Designate a consistent time that I will go to bed(10, 1030, 11-just keep it consistent!).
Do not watch TV/ Movies when it is time for bed. Previously, I usually would decide to go to bed but proceed to bring my computer or DVD player to bed and watch until I was exhausted.  At that point, I would just turn over and go to sleep. This change has done wonders.  
Gather outfit including ironing of clothes (if I had not ironed over the weekend)
Pack breakfast (oatmeal in travel container where all I need to add is hot water, put all condiments into coffee cup so that I would just need to add hot water in the morning), pack lunch and two snacks.
Pack gym bag
**Morning routine**
Wake up!
Get dressed
Do something to my hair (curl, wave, bobby pin it down)
Apply makeup/morning creams
Gather all my items (gym bag, laptop, lunch, etc.)
Head out the door
Go to work
Now, this does not work every night or morning, but I am going to try to keep up and try to incorporate some additional items.

January has taught me 5 important things:
People are not perfect.  Imperfections are what make us unique.
I have to make myself a priority! (if not, it will show on the positive if you do it will show as well)
I must forgive myself for past mistakes. Definitely learn from them but do not let them define who you are.
I need to have more fun (let loose- watch out this weekend)!
It is never too late to change your routine, yourself, and your life.
Later January!!!

think the song My life by Mary J. Blige is representative of where I am currently. I understand that she recorded this song in her dark days but to see her now it is very inspiring. 


Honestly, I have a great handle on my February resolutions/goals.  Here they are: 

1. organize open house/housewarming
I am looking at the last or second to last weekend in February.  I already have the invitations and a skeleton plan for the menu.

2. Get new hairstyle
I do not have any concrete plans, but I do want to lighten my hair(from black to a light brown), cut it, and curl it(dare I say perm it?!). 
Eva sent me some samples and I really like this look:
I like the haircolor
I like the length and texture

3. Send care package to the Washington Andrade chapter (xmas gifts!)
I thought I would be done with this last month but it is still hanging on my door. 
I went last week to the post office at 130pm and they closed at 12pm. For sure this weekend!

4.       Read book 1
I decided on the book—
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch It was given to us at work and a few of us will be reading it and discussing it. It should be a quick read!

5.       Update my blog once a week 

Love isn't finding the perfect person, it is finding the imperfect person and seeing how they are perfect.

Here is to  Love!


  1. I really like that last quote! And I think you accomplished soo much in January. My favorite section is the lessons January has taught you. Can't wait to read how your February evolves!