Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm ALL in!

I love the Chicago White Sox! 

Partially this comes from a nostalgic place. My mom use to sell churros at the White Sox Games and she would bring back signed baseballs.  Honestly, we were not BIG baseball fans and did not see too much value in the baseballs but instead I liked to hear her work stories.  
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The other part comes from their older, distinguished and passionate coach.  Ozzie Guillen.  He has been the coach for almost 6 years and has won us a World Championship.  2005, what what?!

With the baseball season only 19 games in, I have faith that Ozzie Guillen and the Chicago White Sox will take the team all the way back to the World Series. Currently, they stand at 8-11. This is just the beginning.

Let’s go WHITE SOX, let’s go!
Let’s go WHITE SOX, let’s go!

Goal: Buy a White Sox hat this season and attend 5 games.

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