Saturday, January 16, 2010

Me and my book

I finished…

I finished reading The Lovely Bones. I am so proud of myself for finally fishing something I set out to do. Technically, this book will not count for one of the 6 books I want to read in 2010 because I started to read it in 2009. I want to send a thanks to my pal Maria for both giving me the book and igniting that surge to finish this book ASAP because the movie was coming out on Friday. I know, I know this is not a valid reason to be reading a book but hey we all got our own reasons. I really enjoyed reading this book and the twist and turns this story took me on were just crazy. Just when you think the book becomes predictable and you are at your edge about to fall you are pulled back by an interaction or emotion only to end up at that edge once again. I recommend this book to anyone that would want a great fast read and would like to be transported to a different existence. I can’t wait to go see the movie and compare (bring on Mark Wahlberg!). Honestly, it was hard for me to imagine some of the book not so much because it was not descriptive enough(because it is) but mostly because I knew that a movie was coming out and why imagine it when someone has already done that work for you. What shall I read next?? Any suggestions??

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