Friday, January 29, 2010


On Wednesday evening I did one of the items on my list (2010 baby!):

Go to brunch 4 times this year with friends
Go to one session of summer dance
Have a Bunelo and atole
Have a pizza tasting competition w myself
Have a Sex and the City viewing marathon weekend (hopefully before the new movie comes out)! Sson 1-6
Have dinner with my dad
Have lunch with my cousin Graciela

It was nice seeing my dad and listening to his stories. For those of you that know my dad you understand what I mean but for those that don't let me elaborate. My dad is a talker! I never met a man that enjoyed talking so much or had a story for every occasion known to man. He enjoys enlightening people on his family(what his kids are up to), his job(some days busy some not), on his hometown (Chupicuaro, Michocan) or life lessons. When I was younger I was so embarrassed about my dad's constant need to have to talk so much to people but now I have come to realize that you cannot enjoy the fullness of my dad if he is not Mr. chatterbox and for that I am so grateful he is who he is. Love you Daddy!

We had dinner at El Veneno on Ashalnd known for their fish entrees.  The waiter came around 5 times and we were still not ready.  He suggested some items on the menu (a medley of shrimp, octopus, and oysters(pictured below), and an orders of spicy, Nayarit -style crab legs) but I decided to stick with what I knew (garlic shrimp) but my dad wanted to try something new but because I had already made up my mind about what I wanted he was left to pick an entree because if he picked anything else it would be too much food. 

Although, I am sure he enjoyed his meal of langostinos (crab legs) I guess I could have taken this opportunity to be more adventurous(another thing on my list) and went with what the waiter suggested.  Especially since the table next to us ordered what the waiter had suggested to us and they looked like they were having a feast.  My dish...was aight!  Lesson learned.

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