Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet blessing:)

I went to church last Sunday for the second time this month.  I wasn't planning on it but I stumbled across Holy Name Cathedral on my way to do my weekly grocery run at Trader Joe's.  It was a nice experience and I picked up the bulletin and found the following announcement:
Wanted: Bakers for Our Seminarians   
I love to bake:)

Casa Jesus is the home of 11 seminarians and two staff. Living     
within their budget may often mean that extras like desserts     
may not be available. Do you like to bake? Would you be     
willing to provide desserts for these 12 neighbors?     
We are looking for bakers to provide desserts for Casa Jesus.     
Your favorite dessert to make is their favorite dessert to eat! In     
order to coordinate a steady delivery, please phone the     
voicemail response line at 312-573-4419 and leave your     
name, phone number and if you prefer to deliver these goods     
on Saturday-for-Sunday dinner, or on Wednesday or     
Thursday. Your call will be returned to schedule a specific date.     
I called and my first baking project is for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I will try out my recipe on my friends at Noche de Teatro;)


  1. Awww that is so cool! It's a sweet blessing for both the seminarians and you! I can't wait to try your recipe and I am sure it will be delicious!

  2. This is awesome! I know some people that have lived in Casa Jesus! Que bueno Idalia! Ya te daremos el gusto bueno el Sabado ;-)

  3. Your brownies were delish! I approve (and I didn't get sick!lol). I assure you the seminarians truly enjoyed them! yums!