Monday, February 23, 2009

Check out my Flow (chart)!

Here a Goal there a Goal everywhere a Goal, Goal.

Who doesn't want to reach their goals???

This week's homework assignment was to create flowchart that would breakdown your goal(s) to more doable steps. For some reason I procrastinated doing this assignment, felt a bit unbalanced and yes- watched T.V. more than three hours. I want to reach my goals and I want to pursue my passion but this feels uncomfortable. I actually used the uncomfortable response that Dr. Rockquemore told us about last week. I was with my sister brainstorming when I voiced to her that I was uncomfortable. It really worked! I voiced my feelings/thoughts-I was not sure what I was feeling but I knew that I needed to say something to communicate that I was off a bit. Don't get me wrong my sister thought I was a weirdo but after the initial first instinct to judge she helped by validating my feelings and allowed me to feel uncomfortable. I have been a "liar" for such a long time. I am usually the person that will not say anything and hold it all in because I want to be perceived as nice. After reading Hooks chapter on Honesty, I vowed to stop being silent. In the chapter she talks about how many people who have something to say usually stay silent and are a type of “liar.” Logically I want to reach my goals but subconsciously maybe NOT! I am scared but I guess you have to name it, claim it, and move on! Easier said than done but here are my flowcharts:

Goal #1:

To get my Ph. D. in Chicano Studies:

I. Research Programs

a. Where?

i. California


ii. Minnesota

1. MSU

iii. Arizona?

iv. Minnesota?

v. Texas?

b. Faculty Profiles

i. Research interest

ii. Contact Faculty


a. Study

b. Research

i. When?

ii. Where?

c. Register

III. Take a writing class

a. Where?

b. When?

IV. Finances(School)

a. Fellowships

b. Scholarships

c. Loans

V. Finances(Personal)

a. Budget for different living expenditures

b. Pay off debt

VI. Relocate

a. Job

b. Transportation

c. Home


Start a organization for young Latinas focusing on self-esteem issues.

1. Research fellow organizations

a. Similarities

b. How is it run?

c. What I want/What I don’t want

d. Plan a visit

2. What issues are plaguing young Latinas?

a. Talk informally to young Latinas

b. Interview counseling professionals

c. Google

3. What type of Staff/Professionals will be necessary to succeed?

4. Funding

a. Grants

b. Sponsors

c. Donors

5. Location(base)

a. Midwest

b. Southwest

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  1. I like the fact that you were able to exercise what Doc Rock said in class about simply using the term "uncomfortable"!... great Flow Chart. Hope they are all met. Continue looking for the 5 contacts.