Monday, February 9, 2009

At Last...

I found this exercise to be a bit difficult to create. I noticed that I felt “trapped” and I could not hear my inner voice for the life of me. I enjoyed writing down my touchstones- I never would have thought about these two goals with the lens I saw them through for this assignment. Bell Hooks chapter on Commitment: Let Love Be Love in Me (which I thought was going to be about the “C” word) really got me thinking about Love. One of the most poignant parts in the chapter is about self acceptance and how no one will love you unless you love yourself first. Logically, this makes sense and I hear where she is coming from but a part of me wonders, really? No one will love you? No one? I have see a lot of people in “relationships” in different venues and think, really? both of these individuals know who they are and are all about self love, I don’t think so! I think you can find one person that will love you and I do not mean a family member. Then comes the breakthrough— what she is trying to help you avoid is unhealthy love. I’ve tried functioning without self love for a long time and it is not working, so maybe I need a new approach. With self love comes the freedom to allow yourself to dream, be and make mistakes. With all of that said… here is my Goalsearch

Dream: Get my Ph.D. in Chicano Studies

Touchstone: Accomplishment, respect, knowledge, sense of self, tools to help others, experience

Role Model: Arlene Torres

Target: Create a Chicano Studies program at UIC-fully funded

Dream: Start a foundation for young girls targeting self esteem

Touchstone: Giving back, bridging, Love, empowerment, freedom, fulfillment, choice, peace,

Role model:

Target: Be a nationally recognized and prestigious organization

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed you're blog and interpretation of the Commitment chapter. I didn't even see it like that. In the end she did make a point of how you MUST love yourself 1st. Like you said, with out doing so, it kind of set you back in a sense. I hope you do find a way to do this.

    Good luck on your dreams!... Both of them are essential to today society!..

    Ben O.