Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why are you taking Leadership for Change?

I attended the Women's Leadership Symposium last summer and Dr. Rock gave a very candid talk about her journey from childhood to adulthood. She talked about gifts/talents, passions, plans and the support you need to reach success and I wanted to learn more. I appreciated the fact that she kept it very real (ups and downs). Change is difficult even painful at times but I am ready to be a proactive leader that brings change in my own life while at the same time being and example to others.

I am taking this class because I am at a crossroads in my life. The current career path I am on is not bringing me much personal happiness. I took my first graduate level course last semester and even though I felt good about my performance, I felt drained, unbalanced and LOST by the end of it. I did not have the same energy or oomph I did when I started school in the fall of 2008 to take another class in my field. My soul is a bit restless.

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  1. Hey Idalia,

    I really hope things change for you this semester with the field that you are currently studying. I actually had to change my choice of careers a couple of time until I personally realized how to access my talents and use them for the common good. I think each person was given a special talent to not only make money from it but to also enjoy using it and help others with it as well.

    Very interesting and "raw" blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Ben O.